Sunday, December 2, 2012


Winter is here.  Although the millions of people just a dozen miles away might disagree as they play golf, go for a climb, or walk in the park with 60 degree temps, up here in Alta, there's snow everywhere, icicles are forming, and I'm skiing every day.  Sure feels like winter.  In reality the shift is much more of a mental one in which I'd rather go for a ski tour, or find a half frozen runnel of water to climb then catch a ride to the valley to try and climb a few pitches in the sun or play a round of disc golf.  I guess my point is, it's winter in the mountains, and that's where I live.  But my intentions aren't just to give you some sort of over generalized weather forecast but to give you all who've been following along a heads up on what this change of seasons, and change of locations means for the Nature of Motion, and what you might expect to find here in the coming months.

Our summer's activities had such a profound and impressive effect on me that I can't help but acknowledge that I've uncovered a deep seated passion.  In combining my loves for climbing, cycling, the mountains, and sustainability, I've discovered something that requires so much from my mind and body, challenges me in so many ways, and is so incredibly rewarding that I cannot imagine not continuing it.  But as we settle back into the routines of winter, I can't help but look back and consider, whats next?  How can we continue to live this passion, to share it with you, and reach out to others as well?